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ARTICLE III - Membership
Section A. Membership in this chapter shall be of three kinds: (1) Active; (2) Alumni; and (3) Honorary, as defined by the National FFA Constitution.
Section B. The regular activities of this chapter shall be carried on by the active membership.
Section C. Honorary membership in this chapter shall be limited to the Honorary Chapter FFA Degree.
Section D. Active members in good standing may vote on all business brought before the chapter. An active member shall be considered in good standing when:
1. Attend local Chapter meetings with reasonable regularity.
2. Show an interest in and take part in the affairs of the chapter
3. Pay their dues
4. Abide by the FFA Code of Ethics
5. Are enrolled in at least one agricultural education class during the current school

Membership Fee is $20 and due to one of the Advisors by October 4th, 2021.

Section A. The Junior FFA is designed to encourage involvement in agricultural science education. To this end, chapters are encouraged to develop and participate in local activities that promote leadership development and agricultural education for its junior members.
Section B. The Junior FFA members are not eligible to participate in events in which Texas FFA Association has direct oversight including but not limited to leadership development events, career development events, speaking development events, state FFA rodeo, and agriscience fair. Junior membership activities shall include exhibition of livestock and poultry projects. Local, county, regional and statewide shows and other agricultural education partners may include junior members in other events such as but not limited to agricultural mechanics shows and judging competitions.
Section C. The Friendswood Jr. FFA shall fall under the supervision of the Friendswood FFA and will be expected to follow the rules and ethics set forward in the constitution and the FFA Manual. In addition, the Jr. FFA members are to be supervised and held accountable for their actions by the Friendswood High School FFA Advisor(s).
Section D. The Jr. FFA is open to students at Friendswood ISD, grades 3-8 who have an older sibling in the Friendswood FFA Chapter or parent is employed by Friendswood ISD. Enrollment will be subject to verification.
Section E. Jr. members will be eligible to participate in livestock shows and contests as determined by the FFA advisor. Use of the FISD Agriculture Facility is not guaranteed by Jr. FFA members.
Section F. The Jr. FFA Chapter will submit yearly, a roster to the State FFA Association that includes the name, date of birth, age, grade and address of each member
Section G. Junior members are not eligible to cast a vote or participate in the discussion related to the official business of the Texas FFA Association or of any district, area association, do not count toward membership totals for delegate allocation and should not be listed on active membership rosters.
Section H. The membership year begins September 1 and ends August 31.
Section I. Once a student is eligible to enroll in an agricultural science class of any kind, (s)he is not eligible for junior membership

Jr. Membership Fee is $10 and due to one of the Advisors by October 4th, 2021.


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